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Food Empowerment

“This approach is nothing like any other type of diet or exercise program I’ve ever done, and it’s so empowering and refreshing. I just love it. Alice gave me the structure, guidance and freedom to make healthier choices that really work for me. It wasn’t about following a specific diet, tracking everything, or even being told what I should or shouldn’t do, which has never really worked for me. Instead, I learned the fundamentals of healthy eating, self-care and exercising, and to really pay attention to what my body needs, what keeps me from making healthier choices, and how to create strategies to support myself day-to-day.

My whole perspective has changed, and now I feel confident, in control, and self-motivated. Alice helped me better understand myself, and she made it really easy to be successful and maintain that success. Now I focus on what feels good and look for opportunities to keep that great feeling.”

Desirey Blomquist – California

“Alice is great at what she does! She helped me lose weight, without having to give up the things I love to eat, and her approach gives me the freedom and flexibility of making my own choices. She created a simple structure for my meals and snacks to fit my weight loss goal, and she gave me a better understanding of nutrition balancing and intermittent fasting that is so easy and works really well. I’m actually enjoying this and totally satisfied by the food I’m eating. It’s not like being on a diet. It is simply a bit of a change in the way I was eating, and a new focus on knowing what feels best to me.

What I so appreciate is how Alice helped me apply the things I already knew to do, in a way that feels really good to me. She helped me recognize my unconscious patterns that lead to unhealthy choices or overeating. And now I have the awareness, tips and tools to catch these tendencies and avoid eating things that I wish I hadn’t afterwards. She also helped me in similar ways with being active. Now I’m seeing results and liking the way I feel. This is so much better than a medical weight loss program, which I’ve done before and was about to do again. I’m so glad I worked with Alice instead,”

Paula Casey Githens – California

“When I met Alice, I was enrolled in a medical diet plan. Even though I did lose weight on the plan, I knew the day would come when I would have to transition back to ”real” food. I wanted someone who could work with me on an individual basis to help me develop a healthier way of eating, without gaining back all the weight I’d lost. I sensed I didn’t have the skills to be successful, so thank goodness for Alice!

She has shown me a whole new way to think about healthy eating that really works. She taught me how to deal with challenging situations and to recognize my inner self-talk that can sabotage my choices. I’ve been amazed how different this is from dieting, and that is very freeing. I now have the knowledge and tools to make healthy eating and portion control a natural part of my daily life.

I’m a nurse, and I encourage other nurses to contact Alice. She helped me come up with good ways to deal with eating on the run, all the tempting food that ends up in the breakroom, day-to-day stress, and years of caring for others over myself. I am so happy I discovered Alice when I did.”

Lisa Wagner – California

“I thought I was handling the Covid quarantine fairly well, until I realized I was doing a lot of overeating, turning to sweets, watching too much TV, not moving enough, not sleeping well, and dealing with a level of anxiety that I couldn’t shake. I’m so glad I contacted Alice Greene again! She helped me ten years ago, and I needed a way to get back to what I was doing before all this started, and working with Alice was the best thing I could have done.

Immediately, from our first conversation, I was able to start tapping back into my healthier habits. During our sessions, I learned more about what works for me to stay active, make choices that feel better, and manage the emotional ups and downs of this stressful time. With her coaching, I found it all amazingly easy and enjoyable. In just a few sessions, I was eating well, walking daily, getting a good night’s sleep, and feeling really good, and it wasn’t hard at all. I now have insights about myself and strategies that will help me stay on track. I learned a lot that is so helpful, and I feel like myself again – back in control, energized and healthy.”

Barbara Swartz – Pennsylvania

“I have finally learned the secret, so I won’t ever have to diet again! Alice has taught me how simple it really is to eat healthy balanced meals and fuel my metabolism throughout the day without depriving myself. I used to think I had to follow a rigid set of rules to lose or maintain my weight, but that doesn’t work for me and I always ended up rebelling and eating even more food. Now I know how to eat the foods I want without overeating, and Alice has taught me strategies for dealing with situations that could get out of control.

I’ve been amazed how much my eating habits were driven by things I didn’t even realize were triggering my behaviors, but Alice knows how to get to those hidden beliefs and emotions. She also has taught me how to spot them for myself and how to be kind and positive with myself in the process. I’m so much happier now, and I have the knowledge and my own little strategies to stay that way, even when I get derailed. I can’t say enough great things about Alice, and I’ve been telling others to go to her instead of signing up for one more diet!”

Laurie Schultz – California

“This program was just what I was looking for, and it was surprisingly simple and easy to do. It gave me the confidence that I can eat with control without depriving myself. Now food and meals are no longer an issue for me. I accomplished everything I wanted, stopped going to Weight Watchers, and gained the insight and tools to stay in control around food and manage my weight. I highly recommend healthy lifestyle coaching. It feels great to do and its easy to stick with.”

Christine Dwyer – Massachusetts

“I loved the book Inspired to Feed Good and knew Alice’s approach was right for me, but I needed help putting it into practice. With Alice’s help, I was able to stop my constant eating and drinking too much Pepsi. I learned that I didn’t have a deep seated emotional eating problem or lack of willpower, as I had thought. Instead, the issue was in the way I thought about food and my beliefs, and you really need to have a coach to see that.

Today I look at food as eating to live versus living to eat, and I still get to enjoy eating the foods I love and having some Pepsi that is healthy and freeing. The best part is that I now have positive willpower, an awareness of whether I really want something and less judgment of myself and others. This program changed my life in so many ways, and I highly recommend working with Alice.”

Kathy Batcha – Texas

“I feel like I’ve gotten the key to consistently eating healthier and being free of cravings and my sugar addiction. I didn’t have to totally change the way I eat, which was great.

Instead Alice’s unique approach gave me an easy and enjoyable way to eat more vegetables, plan and prepare healthier foods and balance my foods so I feel better. I am no long tired all the time, nor do I eat in a reactive way. Now I feel healthier, have steadier energy and am in a better a mood; and it was nice to lose some weight.

For those who have tried other approaches to getting a handle on food and are still stuck, this works. One thing I really appreciated was the non-judgmental and positive approach that allowed me to come up with my own food choices and experiment with strategies that worked best for me. I highly recommend this coaching program to others.”

Colleen Byrnes – Massachusetts

“I have cut back on how much I am eating, because I am aware of my fullness level and satisfaction. If I overeat, I know I won’t feel as well. It is amazing. It has been so simple to eat well and still enjoy the foods I love, including my treats and desserts. And now I often don’t even want dessert or to eat too much. Alice’s coaching approach is so different from anything else, yet it is what finally worked for me. I have totally changed how I think about exercise and food, and the results in how I feel are great.”

Ken Manson – Massachusetts

“The Intuitive Eating program provided me with subtle, daily opportunities to tune into the what, when, why and how I eat. I am now able to identify my body’s hunger and satisfaction signals, and I’ve discovered that I can very easily stop before getting full. Thanksgiving was a big test, and I didn’t even have the desire to keep eating as I did in the past. I have also become more conscious of which foods I enjoy and which ones I eat out of habit, and this has been an eye opener. The lessons I have learned will be with me always.”

Lynne Deschenes – Massachusetts

“Alice, Thank you! You have provided me with a simple way to enjoy eating healthier foods without having to give up what I love. The intuitive shift for me has been amazing. I now easily stop eating before I get full and am more satisfied with each meal. I also understand what it takes to keep me motivated to exercise regularly and how to get back on track if I ever get derailed again.

What I appreciate is how you provided accountability without pressure, guided me at my pace without overwhelming me, and helped me uncover what was sabotaging my results so I can succeed at living a healthier life. I feel confident about staying in control, trusting my intuition and sticking with a healthy and fit routine as a way of life. Your program makes it so easy and realistic to stay fit and make healthier choices. This experience is exactly what I was looking for!”

Shann Vander Leek – Michigan

“My goals were to feel more confident, be at my best and feel good, when I signed up for the Eating program, and I can honestly say I feel really good now. I also wanted to feel empowered and not like a victim with food, and I accomplished that. I can look at what I’m doing with food objectively and not judge myself for my behavior. The tools really helped me identify emotional eating patterns and make progress in minimizing them. So now I feel confident about maintaining a healthy approach to eating and reducing my health risks.

I have Alice to thank for her approach, the structure of the program, and her way of assisting and motivating me without pressure. She kept me on track one step at a time, and it was a process that allowed me to be wherever I was. I have learned a lot, and I have been given skills I will always be able to use. I really like how the program is designed, and I am very satisfied. Thanks Alice, you really helped me.”

Carol Gamble – Massachusetts

“I no longer eat with anxiety. I’ve struggled with food for years and felt hopeless. Now I eat what I want in balance, without overeating or having cravings and obsessions. This is amazing! Alice’s approach has given me freedom.”

Deborah Smith – New York

“I found the Intuitive Eating workshop very helpful and informative. I learned that I am not alone in dealing with eating issues. I now understand that I don’t have to feel so badly about the way I’ve been eating, and that to feel responsible and guilty about it would only set me back rather than understanding why and dealing with the cause. The group workshop taught me awareness about when, what and why I eat. So I have been able to make changes that work for me and to curb my chocolate addiction. It no longer holds the grip over me that it used to, and I still get to enjoy it in moderation. It is a win-win approach.”

Shelley Ide – Massachusetts

“Alice has been extremely instrumental in making a difference in my emotional and unconscious eating behaviors. When I made the first call to Alice, I had binged the night before. We talked about how refined sugar can really be addictive and how she could help.

Alice went above and beyond my expectations! She helped me overcome childhood voices in my head of “not wasting food”, fears of eating leftovers, and “eating everything on my plate”. She helped me to develop strategies for social situations so that I don’t set myself up. Her “three-bite” rule really worked for me.

As a Senior Mortgage Broker, I am very stressed, very busy and rarely leave my desk or office, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t have time for that one extra phone call with Alice. She was flexible with her scheduling and her time. Her positive spirit was always welcomed, and the information she shared will always be remembered. She has changed the way I think about sugar and the way I think about food and eating. Thank you Alice.”

Lisa Summerville – Massachusetts

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Drinking Empowerment

“I have been drinking at least six cans of Coca-Cola every day for more years than I can remember. I’ve sought help from many different experts, and nothing worked until I got help from Alice Greene. I really can’t believe it, but now I have maybe one can or even half a can a day, and I’m no longer needing it the way I did. Alice has a totally different approach that made me feel at ease, empowered and heard. She didn’t try to take my Cola away, which was so reassuring.

Instead she helped me discover why I was really drinking that much of it, and gave me the tools to build my confidence and control through greater awareness and little strategies I created for myself with her help. It was all about what worked for me. I wasn’t being forced to change; I was being given the power of conscious choice, and that changed everything. Now I’m free of that obsession. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!”

Julianna Morrison – Pennsylvania

“I have wanted to cut back on how much I drink for years, and I’ve thought maybe I’m an alcoholic and have to stop altogether. But fortunately I found Alice, and with her help I’ve been able to easily just have a few drinks a week or one-two a night instead of one or two bottles and even more on the weekends. I now feel confident that I can enjoy a drink and stop at that, or even a nip or two without over doing it. It’s a great feeling, and I’m so glad I have the choice now as to whether I have a drink instead of giving it up entirely. Give Alice a call if you want some help with drinking less. I’m so glad I did!”

B Stone – Texas

“I’ve known I drank too much for too long, but I didn’t know how to deal with it before meeting Alice. I didn’t want to stop, but I was sure I needed to and struggled to face it. It never occurred to me that there was a middle ground that I could manage successfully, or that I could drink less and stay in control. It was all or nothing, but now I understand what was really driving my choices and how to address those issues without using alcohol to cope. I now have the strategies, insights and mindset to drink in a healthier way, which is amazing. I didn’t think this was possible, and I’m sure I’m not alone. This is a wonderful program to change the way you think about drinking, and Alice is wonderful.”

Peg Keohane – Minnesota

“I so appreciated the fresh approach Alice used when it comes to drinking. She isn’t an all or nothing type of coach. She doesn’t label you, or try to fix you. She really listens, understands and offers a different perspective that has been so helpful to me. I have wanted to change the way I drink, to drink a lot less, and to feel more confident that I can stop before I have too much for years. Working with Alice Greene has given me the tools, and a new way to understand what triggers me to over drink or drink too often. It has really made a difference in the choices I make, the way I drink, and in building my confidence to manage this as a way of life. I’m very happy with the results.”

B Sully – New Jersey

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Exercise Empowerment

“Before I worked with Alice, I was in a quarantine rut. I spent my days and nights eating comfort food and couldn’t get motivated to exercise. I watched the pounds pile on but couldn’t seem to find a way to stop it. I started working with Alice, and it was so quick, easy, and simple for me to get back on track.

Instead of another diet or exercise program that pushed me to be something I am not, Alice helped me find the healthier side of me in just a few sessions. She showed me a new way of thinking about food, wine and being active that fits my lifestyle, interests, and goals. We also found a way to keep my favorite foods!

She made it all so easy, and her positive, motivating personality really helped me kick my life back into gear¬–even while in lockdown. Now I feel like I’m moving in a great direction and losing weight. I highly recommend Alice. She has a unique approach that really worked for me.”

Beverly Crawford-Westre – California

“Alice has changed my entire attitude about exercising, and now I am finding it so much easier to do! I’ve always wanted to be active every day, but I just couldn’t get myself to stick with that goal. When I didn’t exercise, I felt I had to force myself to make up for that missed time but then found ways not to go. Alice helped me see that there were always good reasons when I didn’t go as planned, and usually they weren’t even the reasons I was telling myself. Once I knew the real reasons, I could easily see what would work better for me. She also helped me see that many activities count as exercise, so I don’t have to be so rigid in my thinking.

What a difference this has made. I am now active just about every day because I want to be, not because I must, and I love how great this feels and how the weight is coming off more easily!! I encourage everyone to check out Alice’s unique approach, so exercise doesn’t have to be so hard to do.”

Laurie Schultz – California

“Everyone should have an Alice in their life. Before working with her, exercise was all or nothing for me and I didn’t know how to set realistic goals or get back on track when I got derailed. She taught me a whole new way of thinking about exercise that enables me to be successful and that feels really good to do. So now I want to exercise regularly, and I have an easy way to stick with it even when I can’t always be consistent or I don’t have lots of time, instead of feeling like I have to do a certain amount or start all over again.”

Heather Hansen – Massachusetts

“This healthy lifestyle program freed me from having to go to a gym or follow a structured fitness program, which I know I wouldn’t have stuck with. Instead of being told what to do, I got to decide what type of exercise I wanted to do and to set my own pace and goals, which was to be fit enough to go skiing last winter. I chose walking outdoors, which I really enjoy, and Alice gave me some strengthening exercises specific to skiing and guidance on how to boost the cardio intensity on my walks. I met my goal and find walking first thing in the morning leaves me feeling so much better the rest of the day.

I also learned that doing something is better than nothing, so even when I don’t have much time or don’t get in walks most days of the week, that a short walk or picking it back up the next week is enough to keep me fit and on track. Walking has now become a part of my life, like shaving in the morning, and it feels great. I may even start running again and do a 5k! I credit Alice’s unique approach and the group environment for keeping me motivated and learning what works for me to make healthier choices.”

Ken Manson – Massachusetts

“Alice has changed the way I look at exercise. Instead of dreading it, I’ve found things I like to do, and I’m learning how to stop feeling like whatever activity I choose is not enough to make a difference. I now understand how I have sabotaged myself and what helps me be active in a way that feels more enjoyable and positive.”

Lisa Wagner – California

“What I like about this program is that I have a coach that inspires and motivates me and then gives me different routines to make my exercising more enjoyable and productive. I now look forward to my workout time. It’s becoming a part of my day without excuses, which is exactly what I wanted. This program makes it easy. And what is great is that I’m not doing it for my coach. I’m doing it for me. The bottom line is I’m responsible, and I’m incorporating it into my lifestyle. It makes me think and be accountable, which keeps me on track. I am recommending this to my friends and family.”

Ginger Teal – Massachusetts

“Alice’s lifestyle approach to fitness gives me more control over my eating and exercising. Having a coach to provide education and help me set my own goals ultimately puts me in control instead of waiting for someone else to tell me what to do. I like tracking my own progress while having someone to check in with each week. The great thing about this program is I can exercise whenever it works for me, and I have the motivation to go do it all on my own.”

Janet Moreland – Massachusetts

“Even though I’m on the west coast and my coach is on the east coast, it’s as if she was right here keeping me motivated. Without the weekly phone talks, I probably would have given up before I discovered the rewards of daily exercise. My energy level and stamina have increased, and I’m losing weight. Thanks Alice, you’re making a big difference in my life.”

Anna Peerbolt – Oregon

“This program goes beyond what you would get from a personal trainer. Alice tunes into my life, attitudes and goals and tells me exactly what I need to hear, so I know what to do and I am motivated from week to week. I’ve always been interested in fitness and nutrition, and I have heard a lot of what Alice has been telling me. The difference is her approach and how she helps me put it into practice. This is what a lot of us need, but we don’t know where to get it.

I feel very lucky to have found Alice. She is just great. At this time in my life in my mid 70s I am fairly healthy, but have some health issues. This program has helped me to feel better, reduce my blood pressure, get stronger and feel more secure, and I want to remain healthy and strong for the rest of my life. And I can see how exercise makes me feel much better. I can do more with less pain. I’ve also become more conscious of what I’m eating. I’ve learned with Intuitive Eating how to eat so that I can have what I enjoy. I am now more satisfied and comfortable, and I don’t feel driven to overeat. The program works and I’m enjoying myself.”

Peg Keohane – Massachusetts

“When I met Alice, I wanted to feel better and to find a way to create the motivation and accountability so that fitness was a way of life, and that is exactly what I have accomplished from working with her at Feel Your Personal Best. I have learned so much about myself and discovered that it isn’t as hard as I thought to put myself first and that it feels really good to exercise and eat in a healthy balanced way. I am now fitter, have much less pain in my knee, and I’m no longer out of balance, craving carbs or feeling like there is no time.

This program is the missing piece. I already knew about nutrition, diet and exercise, but this allows all that to be used in a lifestyle way with greater trust in oneself. What is so different about this program is that the focus is on making choices that best serve me instead of trying to measure up to a structure and feeling judged for how well I did. This program helps you trust and feel good about yourself and I am so thankful for the changes in my thinking. It isn’t about fixing me. It is about self acceptance and having choice. I now feel better, happier and more confident. I also know that I do have control and can keep doing this for myself. I want others to know about this, because it has really made a big difference in my life.”

Barbara Swartz – Pennsylvania

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Health Empowerment

“My goal in working with Alice was to get my blood pressure and cholesterol down to avoid being put on medications. We did it in just four weeks, and my doctor was amazed. She said ‘it takes twelve weeks for the average person to accomplish this, so keep doing what you are doing’. I am very pleased with the results and continue to make more progress each week. I was afraid I’d have to give up what I love to eat and be hungry all the time, but instead I’ve been made aware of better choices without giving up foods I enjoy. This has been a good education, and now I know better ways to eat and exercise to stay healthy and feel better. It’s been a wonderful experience and a life saver.”

Ellis Wilkins – Massachusetts

“When I learned I was pregnant with my fourth child I panicked, because I had finally achieved being in the best shape of my life. I heard about Alice’s approach to eating and exercise, and I realized it was a perfect way to stay in shape and avoid putting on the amount of weight I had in past pregnancies. I have found that getting in touch with myself, learning what my body needs and staying accountable to a coach like Alice has helped me stay on track, feel great, and achieve the recommended amount of weight gain. I also believe that Alice’s method of Intuitive Eating is changing my life. It has helped me to understand the patterns of eating that didn’t work for me, and now I have much greater confidence in losing the weight after my baby is born. I do and would recommend this program to anyone.”

Julie Hiltabiddle – Massachusetts

“I like the Feel Your Personal Best program because it helps me to keep my health priorities in focus. Without it, I could easily let days roll into weeks and into months without having done something for myself. It’s nice to have a weekly check in, so that I am more likely to follow through on what I say is a priority in my life. I am finding it very helpful to have someone who understands the struggle and has no judgment of how things should be. I also appreciate that this program works with any circumstances and helps you adapt life to support your health and wellness. I know this is the right approach for me.”

Suzanne Dubus – New Hampshire

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Diabetes Empowerment

“I can’t remember feeling this good in a long time, because I am now on track. From working Alice I have learned that getting healthy and losing weight is all about changing my lifestyle. I am getting the benefit of making a commitment to exercise and balanced eating, and getting the support I need. I am feeling better, energized and calm. I now see what it takes to avoid blood sugar highs and lows by using my food journal and being mindful of my portions and balanced meals. I feel like I’ve turned the corner, and I am not sure I could have done this without my coach. She understands how hard it is to make changes, what the issues are for diabetics, and what I needed to succeed. She was with me each step of the way, and now I am confident that I can be medication free in six months.”

Suzanne Dubus – New Hampshire

“I have Type II diabetes, and I am amazed how quickly my glucose levels dropped and got under control by just walking regularly and changing my diet. Alice has helped me to get moving, be consistent, reduce my insulin dosage, and better understand how to manage my illness. I now believe I can reverse the affects of this disease.”

Peter Patch – California

“The diabetes program was great for me. It gave me the information I needed to set myself up for success, which I didn’t get from my doctor or nutritionist. It was realistic, applicable and it made sense. I appreciated getting the accountability from talking once a week, and I liked the positive feedback and explanations. I can now see what I am doing and how I have to adjust things to make improvements. It was a very positive experience.”

Roy Piatelli -Massachusetts

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Lifestyle Empowerment

“Alice is a constant breath of healthy, fresh air especially after living for many, many years in the world of dieting! Through Alice and all her tools that she uses I am on a one way flight out of the dieting world. I am free of that diet prison that I had myself locked in for years and years. I am beyond grateful to Alice for introducing me to Intuitive Eating and a healthy fitness program I can stick with for a lifetime!! ”

Stephanie Warren – Massachusetts

“I have really enjoyed doing the Feel Your Personal Best programs. I have lost weight, and I now feel better and more focused. It has helped me figure out what I want to do and gotten me on track with my fitness and eating goals. Today, I’m working out more regularly and I have definitely increased my aerobic ability. I have also learned to check in and listen to my hunger signals so that I have a better handle on eating in moderation. This has helped me to gradually decrease the amount I eat, while also eating the things I enjoy. The Intuitive Eating approach is a guilt-free way of non-dieting, and it works well for me. I feel good about the fitness coaching experience. It works, and it has given me some new tools that will help me the rest of my life. I now recommend it to many of my patients.”

Dr Robert Videyko – Massachusetts

“Alice provides a fresh perspective to exercise and eating that has given me a better way to understand and approach my own routines. What makes working with her so unique is the way she uses coaching to provide a holistic approach to fitness. The lifestyle fitness approach works on both the head and the heart, helping you to change your behaviors in a way that makes sense, accommodates your needs, and empowers you. Anyone can provide fitness information, but she has lived the struggles, she knows what she is talking about, and you know she has a very real understanding of how you feel. It is the practical, real world application of that knowledge that makes this program successful.”

Dr Paul Fowler – Massachusetts

“This is such a great program. Alice provides an enjoyable, nurturing and realistic approach to eating and exercise that has given me more control. The real difference with this program is that it has given me what I need to make it a lifestyle change. The weekly accountability really matters, and the calorie tracker I’m now using drives home how much I need to exercise. I’m now more active doing what I enjoy and realize it is a long term process. I also like the Intuitive Eating approach. It is not about dieting, but about finding a balance. I feel more in control of what I’m eating and about portions. And I have a better appreciation that I’m in control of my metabolism by how I am eating.”

Marj Lynn – Massachusetts

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