Empowered Healthy Living

Discover the freedom, flexibility,
confidence, self-motivation & control

of an intuitive healthy lifestyle

that feels so good and supports your needs,
you easily keep doing it
to become your own success story


  • If you struggle with food choices, portions or stopping…
  • ^ Overcome cravings, addictions, overeating and emotional eating
  • ^ Be in control with sweets, junk food or temptations
  • ^ Feel good about the way you eat and gain self control with food
  • ^ Learn to make healthy choices that are enjoyable and satisfying
  • ^ Master planning and preparing a balanced healthy diet to eat well
  • Learn more
  • If you struggle with drinking too much of anything…
  • ^ Know how to catch yourself before having one too many
  • ^ Regain control and confidence in yourself
  • ^ Be able to drink alcohol, coffee, soda, energy drinks in moderation
  • ^ Discover strategies and other options that feel much better to you
  • ^ Note: I can’t support alcoholics or those with severe drinking problems
  • Learn more
  • If you struggle with doing regular exercise or staying active…
  • ^ Break free of self sabotage and learn how to stay on track
  • ^ Attain strategies for making time and being a priority
  • ^ Regain self motivation and build greater self confidence
  • ^ Discover the pleasure of being in shape doing activities you enjoy
  • Learn more
  • If you struggle with stress and self-care…
  • ^ Understand your stress levels and what works to feel relief
  • ^ Overcome self-criticism, negative self talk and excuses
  • ^ Create ways to take better care of yourself for health and fitness
  • Learn more
  • If you struggle to control your blood sugars …
  • ^ Learn the secret to making small changes for maximum impact
  • ^ Be informed without feeling overwhelmed
  • ^ Make lifestyle changes that feel so good you stick with them
  • Learn more

  • Hi, I’m Alice Greene,

    I know what it is like to be overweight, have food and health issues, struggle with self esteem and feel constantly stressed. I grew up fat, dieted most of my life, avoided exercise and didn’t take care of myself or my needs until I had a wake-up call that changed my whole life.

    15 years ago I vowed to get in shape and achieve healthy weight loss that would last, and I did it by figuring out the secret to healthy living. It wasn’t a better diet plan, fitness program or weight loss program. It was a change in mindset and a whole new approach to non-diet eating, exercise and self-care. I then studied and got trained in the methods and techniques to back up this approach.

    I now know what works to conquer emotional eating, cravings, binge eating and night-time and over eating. The techniques also work to resolve exercise avoidance or low motivation, stress, soda addictions, denial and issues with self-esteem.

    My simple and powerful methods transform self-sabotage into self-control so you can experience having self- confidence and self-motivation to feel great every day.

    Let me show you how to become a health, fitness or weight loss success story like you read about in magazines. I will teach you how to break free of the rules and restrictions that keep you from succeeding.

    You will discover it doesn’t have to be painful or unpleasant to reach your goals. That’s what doesn’t work. Instead, you’ll be pleased to find out how easy and enjoyable it really can be to do what feels good inside and out.

    A healthy lifestyle works when you change your mindset about food, fitness and yourself and focus on what feels good to you physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. You will love how you feel in your body and yourself, and in the process set yourself free.

    Discover how to live a healthy lifestyle you can enjoy and stick with to look and feel your personal best

    Set yourself up for success.
    Achieve self motivation.
    Overcome self sabotage.
    Be free from rules & restrictions.
    Easily make healthy living choices.
    Feel great about your long-term success.
    Finally have healthy weight loss that lasts.
    Create a healthy lifestyle you can maintain.

    Call for a free Clarity Empowerment session at 978-465-3555

    “I no longer eat with anxiety. I eat what I want in balance without cravings and obsessions. This is amazing! Alice's approach has
    given me freedom.” - Deborah

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