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Promote Healthy Living with Greater Results

Your organization is investing in promoting healthier lifestyles and you want a return and to make a difference.

  • Would you like a powerful tool to amp up your success?

While healthy living sounds great, few people choose to live them. Your audience is looking for help and you are in a great position to provide it and increase results. You can do this easily and cost effectively with a self-paced take action Healthy Living “Coaching program-in-a-Guide” as part of your promotional campaigns.

There is nothing else like these Guides. They are based on Alice Greene’s proven and positive lifestyle coaching methods that generate new beliefs, ah-ha insights, self-honoring choices and positive behavioral changes for life-long healthy choices. The Guides are compatible with other wellness and fitness programs.

When more people choose healthy lifestyles, they will stay loyal to your organization as an extension of their new behaviors.


Enhance the power of your message and impact people
with Guided Healthy Living self-paced programs

Leverage Alice Greeneā€™s Take-Action signature series

  • Choose from 10 hot topics
  • Personalize or customize for your own audience
  • Print or electronic formats
  • Cross media options for 1-to-1 interactions
  • Negotiated exclusivity
Guides supported by Alice Greene in
teleseminars, speaking and group coaching

Alan M. Altman M.D. “The guidebook on menopause makes a complicated topic far easier to understand. It is well written, extremely informative and can be useful for women between the ages of 35 and 65. I would recommend it to any woman in this age group.”

Alan M. Altman M.D. is Assistant Clinical Professor of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductive Biology at Harvard Medical School. He is a practicing gynecologist with a private practice specializing in peri- and postmenopausal care and issues of midlife sexual function. He is also author of Making Love the Way We Used To…or Better; The secrets of satisfying midlife sexuality.

Diana Lipson-Burge “The Healthier Eating Guide is for those that want an easy way to understand and incorporate basic nutrition and balanced eating into their daily lives. Alice walks you through the steps it takes to stop dieting and discover a healthy way of eating that is realistic, satisfying and part of a lifestyle.”

Diana Lipson-Burge is a Registered Dietician and Director of the Energy Resource, a 16-year private practice in Los Angeles, specializing in weight management and eating disorders. She is known for her pioneering work in the field of Intuitive Eating and is a professional keynote speaker on nutrition and mental wellness as well as co-author of Un-Dieting: Un-doing the diet mentality and staying fit forever.

Margaret Moore “These guides are well designed to give people a roadmap and process for facilitating changes specific to health, fitness and wellness issues. Feel Your Personal Best has uniquely created a coaching resource that combines education, self-discovery, positive thinking and lifestyle guidance for self-facilitated behavioral change. This is particularly helpful for those who don’t have access to certified health or wellness coaches.”

Margaret Moore is CEO and founder of Wellcoaches Corporation, which has set the gold standard in building the professions of health coach, fitness coach and wellness coach in strategic partnership with the American College of Sports Medicine (ASCM). She is co-author of the Harvard Medical School CME program which led to the new Institute of Lifestyle Medicine, teaching physicians a basic coaching roadmap. She is the lead author of the Lippincott Williams & Wilkins Coaching Psychology Manual. She is the co-founder of the McLean/Hospital & Harvard Medical School Coaching & Positive Psychology Initiative and annual coaching psychology conference.