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Private Coaching

~ Eating Healthier With Confidence

~ Getting Active and Staying Motivated

~ Reducing Stress for Greater Well being

~ Making Time for Self-Care

~ Managing Your Health with a Healthy Lifestyle

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Group Coaching

~ Eating Well Every Day Workshop
Gain confidence, freedom, flexibility & control to enjoy optimal healthy choices

11-week coaching workshop – January 18, 2021 start date
9-week audio course – from workshop Audio program details

What is Healthy Lifestyle Coaching

Coaching is a non-judgmental, positive and collaborative process that changes how you think and feel about your abilities and your relationship with food, fitness, your body and yourself. It is not therapy, but a way to identify and understand what drives your behaviors subconsciously, including beliefs and emotions, so you can address how they impact your choices.

You learn what really motivates you, what sabotages your good intentions, what types of activities or foods feel best to you, and how to stick with your new healthier behaviors. When you are done with the program, you will have the knowledge and tools to stay motivated, willingly make healthy and fit choices, and feel better about your body and yourself than you have in years.

Sessions range from 50 minutes to 90 minutes (depending on which and how many topics we are covering), occur by phone and typically last for a minimum of 12 weekly sessions before going to every other week, and then monthly. It usually takes 12 weeks to change your mindset and adopt the changes. It takes another 6 – 9 months to fully practice and integrate those new healthy changes into your daily lifestyle so they last, although this can differ for each person. It often takes longer for those with more changes to make or more emotional challenges.

Sessions are scheduled once a week to provide accountability, stay motivated, get guidance, set goals, discuss specific challenges from the previous week and create strategies to address them, understand what really works for you, learn more about healthy eating and fitness, and be supported in making lasting changes.

Each person is different in what they need help with, what is sabotaging their success, how they best progress, and what type of healthy lifestyle changes best fit their goals and situation. This is why private sessions often works well for many people.

Coaching is available for help with exercising, fitness programs, being active, healthy eating, intuitive eating, food issues, emotional eating, cravings and obsessions, unhealthy drinking, self-care, self-esteem, well-being, diabetes, stress, maintaining weight loss or other related issues. Eating disorders (anorexia or bullimia) and alcoholism require additional professional help.

“Thank you! You have provided me with a simple way to enjoy eating healthier foods

without having to give up what I love. I now easily stop eating before I get full and am

more satisfied with each meal. I also understand what it takes to keep me motivated

to exercise regularly and how to get back on track if I ever get derailed again.”

– Shann Vander Leek (MI)

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What is Group Coaching?

Some people do better in a group setting and benefit from being supported by and learning from others. The coaching process is the same as in individual coaching, but the one-on-one time and personalized interaction with the coach is very limited. Yet witnessing how others are counseled in the group is often just as beneficial.

Group programs are typically started in mid September, early January and mid March. They meet weekly by phone and will last at least 9 weeks. Most groups then evolve into meeting every other week or monthly for ongoing support. If you wish to participate in a group or have enough people (minimum of 5) to start a group, contact us to get a coach facilitator.

If you wish to start your own group of 5-10 people, you can contact us for instructions on how to lead your own group or get a coach facilitator to support your group.

“The (group) diabetes program was great for me. It gave me the information I needed

to set myself up for success, which I didn’t get from my doctor or nutritionist.” – Roy

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Staying on Track – bi-monthly or monthly private sessions

Getting Back on Track – refresher session

Revising Your Track – program update or revision session

After the initial coaching program ends, many people find they need additional reinforcement and support to stick with their new behaviors and use the strategies they created on a consistent basis. It takes a minimum of 1 year, and often closer to 2 years, to fully embrace and sustain a healthy lifestyle. This should be expected, and monthly sessions are highly recommended for at least 12 months, or longer, to ensure you have fully integrated a healthy and fit mindset into your daily routine and way of life. Once that happens, it will be a part of you.

Others find it also helps to be able to call for a session whenever they feel they need one, either to get back on track, to address a specific issue or to get guidance in how to make improvements in their fitness plan. For those who have completed the basic program, the flexibility to get assistance whenever it is most needed is very helpful to maintain life-long success.

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