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NEW YOU 2010


Starting Tuesday September 14th
Limited to 8 People – Don’t Wait

Be Ready & In Control for the Holidays
12 Week Group Tele-Conference Program

Call in from any location to participate

You will be shown how to make healthy choices that are satisfying, address mindset challenges, overcome sabotaging obstacles and stick with your new relationship with food as a way of life.

You will learn how to achieve:

  • Healthy eating that is satisfying and simple
  • Portion control without counting calories or points
  • An ability to stop eating before getting full
  • Control over night time eating and bingeing
  • Control over subconscious and emotional eating
  • Better ways to plan and prepare healthy meals and snacks
  • Being in control around food and overcoming food issues
  • A desire for healthier choices – even vegetables
  • Strategies to deal with holiday foods and events
  • Getting and staying motivated long-term
  • Having a healthy realtionship with food
  • Listening to your body and your needs

Join this group program if you are:

  • Ready to stop dieting, cravings and overeating
  • Ready to eat healthier and normally without depriving yourself
  • Ready to create a lifestyle approach to healthy eating
  • Willing to fully participate in a group
  • Comfortable being part of a tele-conference program
  • Able to attend weekly 1 1/2 hour coaching session
    If you have to miss 1-2 sessions, there will be a recording

This is not a rapid weight loss program.
It is a healthy lifestyle program that leads to a healthy weight that lasts.

Group Meets Tuesdays from Noon – 1:30pm ET from 9/14 – 12/14
We won’t have sessions on 10/19 or 11/23

A minimum of 5 people is needed to conduct a group.
A commitment for the entire 12 week program is required.

Program Price:
The price is just $50 a session, and is paid every 4 weeks in advance.
PayPal payment will be set up when you are accepted into the group.

20% Discount if you pay the 12 weeks upfront.

Register with Alice to Join a Group
Call 978-465-3555 or

No Application Required

I did have an application here the past few days, which I’ve removed. I do applications for my 2-year groups, and I realize this isn’t needed for these 12-week programs. So if you visitied this page before, this is a change. If you want to join a group, just call or email me to sign up.

Testimonials from former participants

Who could imagine that something as simple as changing one’s mindset could have such a profound impact? I used to think I was weak and had no willpower; now I feel truly empowered to make choices that work for me. I’ve re-discovered how much I like cooking, and experimenting with healthy foods. Rather than focusing on losing weight, I’ve been focused on living better, and that’s really made a big difference in the quality of my life. It’s pretty exciting. ~ Maureen Wiley

My mindset has changed so much since I started this program; it is awesome. I’ll never be perfect and that’s okay. I’m not trying to be anymore. Nothing is forbidden, and that is a huge change for me. I used to binge all the time, and I now can’t remember the last time I did that. When I balance my meals and pay attention to my hunger levels, it really helps to keep me in control. This program has made such a difference in my choices and how I feel, and I feel great. ~ Debbie Tateosian

I have already established some significantly better eating habits and thus did not resort to my tried and tested approach of stuffing down all of my worries and frustration with mounds and mounds of food when I had a rough week. I’m not saying that I was “perfect,” but I was so much more aware and this resulted in much healthier choices. My clothes feel a bit looser on me, and I already feel healthier. ~ Michael O’Connell

The food journal and looking at what makes a balanced meal has been really helpful. It is getting easier to look at my meal and evaluate if it is balanced. I am also much more aware of how I feel when I eat balanced meals and snacks, and this is making a big difference in my portions and choices. ~ Heather Hansen