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End the Diet Mentality – audio talk

Eating Well without Dieting Guilt – guide

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End the Diet Mentality
Audio of Tele-Class (mp3 file)

The Diet Mentality runs most people’s lives and doesn’t lead to weight loss. It leads to yo-yo weight gain, an unhealthy relationship with food and a perpetual struggle and obsession with how, when and what to eat. Each day is another battle of wills for control.

It doesn’t have to be that way. There is another way to approach food that is sane, realistic and healthy. And it feels so good you can sustain it and therefore sustain your weight loss.

In this powerful talk, you will learn about:

  • Symptoms of the diet mentality
  • Why it is hard to give up dieting
  • How to combat dieting messages
  • How dieting affects self talk
  • Reclaiming power over food
  • Control without counting calories or points
  • Eating what you want without losing control
  • Portion control without counting
  • An easier way to eat normally
  • Dealing with late night eating

This talk got rave reviews, and here are some of the emails I got.

“Wow, you helped me see what I was doing to myself, and why I can never succeed to eat normally or be free of this food obsession that runs my day – runs my life. I feel free for the first time in decades. Thank you for this great call.” – Janice Livingstone

“You made things so clear for me for the first time. I get it now, and I don’t need to keep punishing myself with dieting anymore. I can’t wait to try the exercise you gave us.” – Barbie Cryndel

“Thank you for showing me the light. I’ve been struggling with food and so ashamed of myself and the way I have failed at dieting. But now I don’t feel so alone or so badly, and I see how to take back control.” – Lisa Sandie

“What a transformational talk. I am never going to look at my relationship with food the same way again, and that feels great.” – Elesia Winters

Again, this talk is from a live tele-class, so it does not have the highest studio-recorded sound quality. Yet you can hear the talk without a problem.

Yes, for $10 I want a happier diet-free life.


Eating Well without Dieting Guilt
guide booklet

After years of dieting, it isn’t easy to transition to healthy eating as a way of living. Everything you learned from dieting tends to sabotage your good intentions, and often you can’t see that is happening.

In this e-guide, I introduce you to new ways of thinking and approaching food, so you can succeed at eating well without feeling deprived or feeling guilty from old diet thinking and negative self talk.

Specific topics covered in this e-guide include:

  • Gaining control over food
  • Controlling your appetite and portions
  • Getting over wasting food
  • How to handle candy or other sweets
  • Avoiding getting stuffed at special meals

Learn how to break free of the rigid dieting rules and replace them with a new mindset and strategies that will help you eat healthier and with more control.

Grab your Diet-Free Living package Now.
Stop being run by your inner diet demons every day.

End the Diet Mentality – audio talk

Eating Well without Dieting Guilt – guide

Special Offer
ONLY $10 For BOTH while offer lasts

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