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Healthy Eating with Satisfaction, Ease and Control

Delight in healthy food choices while feeling totally in control

If you struggle with food in any of the following ways…

  • Overeating, nighttime eating or under eating
  • Food cravings, bingeing, addictions or obsessions
  • Indulging when eating out, visiting family or traveling
  • Comfort, stress, secret or emotional eating
  • Feeling out of control, can’t say no, or can’t stop eating
  • Yo-yo dieting or diet-binge roller coaster
  • Transitioning off a diet to a healthy eating lifestyle
  • Ways to plan and prepare for healthy foods
  • Unsure what healthy balanced eating really is
  • Don’t get enough vegetables
  • Don’t drink enough water or over drinking soda
  • Give in to holiday treats and junk food
  • Have an unhealthy relationship with food
  • Concerned about giving up favorite foods

Food Counseling & Healthy Eating Coaching Support:

You really can be in control and feel confident with food through my 3-step coaching process that helps you gain self-awareness, understand your subconscious behaviors, develop personalized strategies, and naturally gravitate to healthier options by choice.

Food counseling works to resolve eating issues and healthy eating coaching provides the education, guidance and support to create and maintain a healthy diet through intuitive eating.

Get the guidance and support you need to:

  • Identify what is driving unhealthy choices
  • Overcome subconscious triggers and emotional eating
  • End cravings, bingeing, obsessions and addictions
  • Create strategies to be in control with food anytime
  • Achieve portion control without counting calories
  • Learn basic nutrition and how to make healthy eating choices
  • Enjoy eating well and feeling completely satisfied
  • Naturally want vegetables and healthy whole foods
  • Get help with planning and preparing healthy foods
  • Get control of portions and snacking
  • Be able to eat favorite foods in moderation
  • No longer diet or deprive yourself
  • Eat normally with long-term success

RESOURCES & PROGRAMS to Support Your Goals

Gearing up to Change
Introductory Session: contact me to schedule a free session
Resources: books and audio programs

Getting Started & On Track
Coach Counseling: private or group options

Staying on Track
Resources: books and audio programs
Bi-monthly or monthly private coaching (for continued support)

Getting Back on Track
Refresher private session

“This program was just what I was looking for, and it was surprisingly simple and easy to do.  It gave me the confidence that I can eat with control without depriving myself.  Now food and meals are no longer an issue for me.  I accomplished everything I wanted, stopped going to Weight Watchers, and gained the insight and tools to stay in control around food and manage my weight.  I highly recommend healthy lifestyle coaching.  It feels great to do and its easy to stick with.”

– Christine Dwyer

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