Engaging Audiences with Mindset-Changing Inspiration

Alice provides a unique perspective on what it really takes to become a health, fitness and weight loss success story, and her insights are eye-opening, inspiring and actionable. She offers a fresh look at why it is so hard to stick with healthier choices, meet fitness goals or take care of oneself, and then she provides a simple process to change these patterns and make lasting changes that are engaging and empowering.

Alice provides the ah-ha insights that help people see how they can reframe their situations to easily and enjoyably incorporate healthy activities to regain control and feel great about themselves and their life. She engages the audience with her mindset-changing inspiration and facilitation of positive lifestyle changes. People love her warmth and what she has to say.


“Alice presented a new and much needed perspective to eating challenges for our patients. She delivered her presentations with compassion, inspiration and specific steps to success which many of our patients found extremely helpful in reaching and maintaining their goals. We look forward to having her back again.”

– Sheryl Singer, Health Educator, UCSD Weight Management Program

“We loved having Alice speak at our luncheon meeting and hope to have her back. She brings a fresh perspective to eating challenges that every woman can relate to. She also has the gift of connecting with her audience, offering ah-ha insights and giving people something of value when they leave. I highly recommend her.”

– Janet Powers, Massachusetts Managing Director, eWomen Network

“Thank you Alice for your inspirational talk that got our DWC audience engaged. Your topic was enlightening and thought provoking. I heard from many of our members that they took action the next day toward living a healthier life!”

– Lisa Christine Summerville, Chair – Downtown Women’s Club Boston North

“Alice touches her audience in a heart-felt engaging manner that makes it easy for them to hear her message and act on it. At my spa retreat program, she shared a whole new way of thinking about food and eating that was eye opening and empowering.”

– Marcia Wieder, President, Dream Coach University

“Our group enjoyed your presentation so much they want to know when you can come back. They found your talk eye-opening, thought provoking, informative and very helpful. It hit the mark and many of our members still find themselves thinking about what you said. Thank you for speaking to our group.”

– TOPS (Take Off Pounds Sensibly), MA #392, Amesbury

“The insights you gave our group about the secrets to feeling great were inspiring and thought provoking. I got very positive feedback from the group.”

– Christin Walth, The Junior League of Boston