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Inspired to Feel Good: Making fit & healthy choices don’t want to stop

Learn the secret to easily and naturally choosing healthy foods and staying fit by breaking the rules, changing your mindset, addressing what sabotages your goals, and doing what feels good.

Book includes complete coaching program.

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Wake Up Women
Wake Up Women: Be Happy, Healthy & Wealthy book

Read how 50 women overcame difficult challenges in their lives and discovered just how strong and wise they really were. Alice shares her own journey of going from being sick, burned out and overweight in her early 40s to healthy and fit by changing her lifestyle.



Eating Without Guilt guide and
End the Diet Mentality audio

This companion set will show you how to be in control around food, easily manage your portions, and get cravings and overeating under control. Learn more about emotional eating and how to determine what it is you really need.

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Redefining Exercise Guide and Conquer Exercise Resistance Audio

This companion set will show you that exercise doesn’t have to be something to dread or a chore you struggle to get done each week. Discover a whole new way of thinking about exercise that makes it appealing.

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Living Free with Type 2 Diabetes
audio program with workbook

Learn an easier way to eat, exercise and make healthy lifestyle changes to manage blood sugar levels. Get guided in how to make small changes that you can live with, instead of feeling overwhelmed by what you should or shouldn’t do.

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Feel Great in Your Body Guide, audio & journal program for women

Unlock the secrets to having the body you love with 18 simple steps that will change how you think, feel and act with food, fitness, your body and yourself.

Audio and guide download

Bonus: Exercise resistance audio &
5 Ways to Maintain Weight Loss


Food Freedom Every Day
9 week audio course

Learn the techniques that really work to stop emotional eating, self sabotage and feeling out of control with food.   Get the steps and tools to succeed at eating well with satisfaction and confidence every day.

Audio and guide download