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From Sick, Sedentary & Over Weight to Becoming a Health, Fitness & Weight Loss Success Story

Hi, I’m Alice Greene.

It seems hard to believe that seventeen years ago I was borderline-obese and dealing with severe stress and chronic health issues.  I was sick, sedentary and over weight. For years I had a history of weight issues, back pain, chronic fatigue, digestive problems, denial, poor self-esteem and being a workaholic.

I had been doing yo-yo dieting in one form or another for more than twenty years, starting back in high school with my first extreme diet.  I also yo-yo exercised, periodically jumping into a fitness program for a number of months – once even for two years – followed by years of avoiding exercise.

That all changed when I had a defining moment during a mid-life crisis and resolved to take care of myself before peri-menopause made things worse.  At that time my weight had gotten out of control, my hormones were going out of balance, I’d been bed-ridden once again for 3 months with chronic fatigue, and I was losing the passion I’d long had for my high tech career and the research consulting firm I was running.

I did the things many people do to lose weight, feel better and find a new passion, but they never helped me enough.  So when I embarked on this new change, I decided to follow my own instincts for how to proceed.  I dusted off my StairMaster in the basement and I began teaching myself how to cook healthy foods.  Two years later I was still exercising regularly, eating well and for the first time in my life really fit and healthy.

What I learned from my journey are the secrets for becoming a health, fitness and weight loss success.  I discovered a process for creating a healthier lifestyle that changed my mind, my body and my life.  I had found a new passion as many people do when they discover how great it feels to be fit.  Since then, I have pioneered the concept of blending healthy lifestyle coaching with eating, exercise and self-care counseling, by taking what I learned personally and the expertise I’ve gained since, to guide others in becoming success stories.

Coaching when applied to eating, exercise and self-care leads to a transforming experience that changes perspectives and attitudes.  You discover a new way of looking at being active, eating well, taking care of yourself and listening to what feels best to you.  You get new tools, techniques and strategies to make changes.  With the help of an experienced guide, the process leads to greater well-being.  It is an enjoyable way to get healthy, fit and fulfilled.  It empowers you to trust yourself and offers you the joy of movement, the pleasure of eating, and the wonderful feeling of reaching your personal best.

I am now in my late fifties and in the best shape of my life, and it is freeing to feel this good in my body and myself.

Join me in your journey to feeling your personal best,

Alice Greene is:

  • author of Inspired to Feel Good
  • co-author of bestseller Wake Up Women
  • co-developer of Living Free with Type 2 Diabetes program
  • former co-host of Living Your Personal Best talk radio
  • former newspaper columnist on Healthy Living
  • speaker and advocate for healthy lifestyle solutions that work
  • fourteen-year health, fitness and weight loss success story