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Self-Care Coach

15-year health, fitness and
weight loss success story


Put Yourself First with Self Care and Self Worth


Focus on What Really Matters and Reduce Your Stress

If you are stressed or struggling to put yourself first because…

  • You are a mom and have put yourself last
  • You are working long hours and just can’t find the time
  • You don’t feel you have choices or the right to say no
  • It is too much effort to figure out what to do about it
  • It has become a habit that is hard to break
  • Everything else always seems more important
  • Deep down you don’t feel deserving or worth it
  • You failed to succeed at making healthy changes in the past
  • You believe your weight indicates when you are good or bad
  • You don’t see the point, yet you know you have to do something
  • You just don’t care anymore and have given up trying
  • You know self-esteem is a challenging issue for you

Self-Esteem Counseling & Self-Care Coaching:

Feel replenished, calm and in control of how you live your life through my 3-step coaching process that helps you gain self-awareness, understand what you really need for yourself, develop strategies for taking good care of you, and willingly give yourself self-care and self-love.

Self-esteem counseling works to resolve how you feel about yourself and self-care coaching provides the education, guidance and support to create and maintain a positive, balanced and calmer lifestyle.

Get the guidance and support you need to:

  • Listen to your body and know when you are getting stressed
  • Reduce your stress day-to-day or in specific situations
  • Identify the stress reduction techniques that work best for you
  • Overcome self-criticism, negative self-talk and excuses
  • Reframe negatives into positives and let more things go
  • Identify your needs and stand up for yourself
  • Create strategies to get your needs met
  • Learn when and how to say no or give yourself permission to say yes
  • Turn disappointments into opportunities and strategies
  • Be free of judgment, perfectionism and shame
  • Learn how to make your health and fitness a priority
  • Ask for help from your family, friends or co-workers
  • Create ways to take better care of yourself and feel your best


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“What is so different about this program is that the focus is on making choices that best serve me instead of trying to measure up to a structure and feeling judged for how well I did.  This program helps you trust and feel good about yourself and I am so thankful for the changes in my thinking.  It isn’t about fixing me.  It is about self acceptance and having choice.  I now feel better, happier and more confident.  I also know that I do have control and can keep doing this for myself.  I want others to know about this, because it has really made a big difference in my life.”
– Barbara Swartz

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