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Self-Care Coach

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weight loss success story


Manage Blood Sugars and Medications More Easily


Take back control one small positive change at a time

If you are at risk for or struggle to manage your diabetes because…

  • You have done the best you can, but it doesn’t seem to be enough
  • You keep trying, but you just can’t seem to stick with your healthy routine
  • You are overwhelmed by what is expected of you to change your lifestyle
  • You aren’t getting the support you need to stay on track each day
  • It is so easy to get derailed and too tough to get back on track
  • The lifestyle changes feel like all or nothing, and it is too hard to do it all
  • You have no idea why you just can’t seem to do as you know you should
  • You are depressed and just can’t get yourself to care
  • You feel ashamed, angry or frustrated, so you avoid thinking about it
  • You forget that you are at risk or have the disease
  • You just don’t care anymore and have given up trying

Chronic Disease Counseling & Healthy Lifestyle Coaching:

Get your life back, minimize medications and take back control of how you feel each day. My 3-step coaching process will put you back in touch with your body, give you what you need to manage your blood sugars and show you how to create a healthy lifestyle that changes your life for the better.

Chronic disease counseling works to resolve how you feel about having diabetes and the changes it requires and healthy lifestyle coaching provides the education, guidance and support to create a healthy active lifestyle that feels so good you want to maintain it.

Get the guidance and support you need to:

  • Listen to your body and know when you need to eat or take medications
  • Start off easy to address your own situation and needs
  • Create strategies for making time to take care of yourself
  • Identify what is driving unhealthy behaviors with compassion
  • Learn basic nutrition and how to make healthy food choices
  • Create strategies to be in control with food anytime
  • Get help with planning and preparing healthy foods
  • Easily exercise regularly as a way of living
  • Learn which fitness style and types of exercise you enjoy
  • Achieve continual success week-to-week and year-to-year
  • Be free of judgment, perfectionism and shame
  • Learn how to make your health and fitness a priority
  • Ask for help from your family, friends or co-workers
  • Create ways to take better care of yourself and feel your best


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“The diabetes program was great for me. It gave me the information I needed to set myself up for success, which I didn’t get from my doctor or nutritionist. It was realistic, applicable and it made sense. I appreciated getting the accountability from talking once a week, and I liked the positive feedback and explanations. I can now see what I am doing and how I have to adjust things to make improvements. It was a very positive experience.”
– Roy Piatelli

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