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Meet Our 8 Contestants
Lisa Bourdeau – Newburyport
Sharon Clark – Amesbury
Eric Hoover – Newburyport
Tim Lamprey – Byfield
Cheryl Morris – Newburyport
Micheal O’Connell – Newburyport
Debbie Tateosian – Groveland
Maureen Willey – Salisbury


Fall 2010
Maureen Willey – Greatest Fitness Improvement
Sharon Clark – Significant Healthy Lifestyle Behavior Improvement
Lisa Bourdeau – Significant Healthy Lifestyle Behavior Improvement
Michael O’Connell – Significant Healthy Lifestyle Behavior Improvement
Eric Hoover – Significant Healthy Lifestyle Behavior Improvement

Summer 2010
Maureen Willey – Greatest Fitness Improvement
Sharon Clark – Greatest Healthy Lifestyle Behavior Improvement
Debbie Tateosian – Greatest Health Improvement

Spring 2010
Cheryl Morris – Greatest Fitness Improvement
Debbie Tateosian – Greatest Healthy Lifestyle Behavior Improvement
Tim Lamprey – Greatest Health Improvement

Award Criteria
The contestants are being shown how to make healthy choices that are satisfying, address mindset challenges, overcome sabotaging obstacles, stay motivated, and maintain lifestyle changes in order to sustain their goals for the long-term. They are awarded for improvements in fitness, health or healthy lifestyle behaviors.

The program does not involve any extreme fitness activities or dietary changes. This is not a boot camp, and extreme changes in weight is not the goal. Instead this is a healthy lifestyle program that will lead to regular exercise, healthy eating and positive self care as a way of living, and with that, weight loss will occur naturally and safely so it can be sustained.

Read a brief overview about how this contest came about.

Follow The Contestants’ Experience During the First 6 Months

Blog Posts hosted by the Newburyport Today community blog

Blog Posts
Kick Off – How a Healthy Lifestyle is Different
Week 1 – First Steps Toward a Healthy Lifestyle
Week 2 – Self Awareness & Small Successes
Week 3 – Discovering Satisfaction and Focusing on the Positives
Week 4 – Willingly vs Forcing with Willpower
Week 5 – Learning an Easier Way to Make Healthy Food Choices
Week 6 – Knowing How to Choose & Safely Progress with Fitness
Week 7 – The Power of Changing Your Mindset about Food
Week 8 – Finding a Middle Ground for Healthy Weight Loss
Week 9 – Keeping Exercise on Track
Week 10 – Identifying Subconscious Food Triggers
Week 11 – Celebrating Successes & Getting Own Support
Week 12 – Quick & Easy Food Strategies
Week 14 – Winning Strategies for Staying on Track
Week 16 – 6 Ways to Become Self-Motivated
Week 18 – The 4 Tricks to Sticking with Healthy Choices
Week 20 – How to Prepare Healthy Foods in 5-10 Minutes
Week 22 – Six Local Businesses Make Healthy Living Easier
Week 24 – How Small Successes Lead to Big Results
Week 26 – How to Stretch Yourself & Love How it Feels
Week 28 – You Don’t Have to Be Perfect to Get a Great Body
Week 30 – A New Approach to Better Fitness

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