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The Secret to Successful Behavioral Changes

Despite all the dieting advice, fitness programs, nutritionist guidance, medical interventions and corporate wellness programs, people are still struggling to stick with healthy lifestyle choices. They want to succeed, but many of them continually sabotage their efforts and results, and they aren’t getting the help they need to understand the real cause or identify a lasting solution.

Improving Results with Missing Behavioral Component

For organizations promoting healthy living and wellness, the struggle with lasting behavior change impacts the effectiveness of their programs and campaigns.

What is missing is an understanding of what drives behavior specific to food, fitness and wellness choices, as well as sincere empathy for those who are struggling. Instead of judgment, these people (and I was once one of them) need a whole different interim approach than what is being offered to them today.

Successful behavioral change recognizes the difference between catalyst and endurance motivators, the underlying subconscious mental and emotional drivers of behavior that sabotage goals, the need for positivity, and the power of setting goals that ensure success and confidence building.

Inspired to Feel Good was written to provide a step-by-step approach to making healthy and fit choices so rewarding and liberating that people who previously struggled could easily and enjoyably maintain a healthy lifestyle.

This book complements other programs by providing a framework for positive self awareness, empathy and motivation, for identifying subconscious drivers and how to resolve them, and for making informed healthy eating and fitness choices that feel so good they are easy to adopt and become a natural intuitive choice.

The more people discover how good fitness feels, the more they will want to stretch themselves and try other programs already available to them.

Consider how this book can support and improve the results of your Healthy Living promotional campaigns or Wellness Programs.

Select Praise for the Book

“Alice provides a whole new way to think and feel about eating, being active and improving your personal health.” – Nick Yphantides, MD

“Inspired to Feel Good offers a practical and enjoyable approach to healthy eating and regular exercise. The book is filled with success stories and specific strategies that will inspire you to discover your own personal path to wellness.” – Michelle May, MD

“Alice has brilliantly identified three simple steps to change how you approach your food and fitness that gives you confidence and control to enjoy your life and feel good about yourself.” – Diana Lipson-Burge, RD

“Alice Greene shares her wise and welcome formula for helping you

change the way you eat and exercise by helping you change the way you think and feel.” – Keith Ablow, MD & psychiatrist

“Inspired to Feel Good succeeds where too many diet and exercise books fail – in supporting lasting, real-life change even in the face of real-life challenges. Alice Greene empowers her readers to embrace sustainable, rewarding shifts in behavior that lead not only to better health, but to great happiness and life satisfaction. This book is enormously wise, well-rounded and a helpful guidance for those looking to make lasting commitment to health and fitness.” – Pilar Gerasimo, Editor in Chief,

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