The Best Time to Exercise? Any Time You Can

Clients frequently ask when is the best time to exercise, and while some experts will tell you first thing in the morning, the truth is whenever you can fit it in. I once made the mistake of telling a client that mornings were best, and when her schedule didn’t accommodate time for being active until the evenings she felt like it wasn’t worth doing, got depressed and sabotaged her goals. That wasn’t my intention, and fortunately she got back on track the next week without a problem.

If you create a rule that narrows your chance for success, you are setting yourself up to fail. And that isn’t necessary. Instead you can be more open and set yourself up to easily succeed. Any time that you can make for being active, whether it is 10 minutes throughout the day, longer periods a few times a week or just in the evenings is just fine.

Up until recently I used to always make time in the morning for my fitness activities, but lately it just isn’t happening and I’ve had to adjust to fitting it into my evenings. The toughest part about that is making sure I don’t let other plans get in the way. Last night I was in my basement at 9:30, where I am lucky to have a mini gym set up, and doing a functional training routine. That isn’t ideal, but I knew I’d feel worse if I didn’t do it. My body gets antsy when I go without some type of exercise, so late as it was I was glad to be there.

What do you do when you find yourself having to exercise at night? Skip it or find a way to make it work?

Alice Greene
Healthy Lifestyle Success Coach


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