Alice Greene
Eating, Drinking, Exercise &
Self-Care Coach

15-year health, fitness and
weight loss success story


The Healthy Living Challenge:
Addressing the Cause of Ambivalence

It is now well understood that healthy lifestyles will help people feel better, lose weight and minimize chronic healthy issues.

Organizations are investing significantly in promoting healthy living. But when the majority of people choose not to adopt or stick with healthier habits, the return on investment and healthy living messages are eroded.

This white paper addresses the cause of ambivalence that is at the root of why people don’t choose to change and offers an understanding of what it takes to shift out of the ambivalent or resistant state and into action for the long term.

Learn what will help your organization to more effectively promote and support more people in choosing and maintaining healthier lifestyles. Helping them take action they can stick with will amp up the results of your own healthy living campaigns and programs.

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