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Self-Care Coach

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Enjoy Being Active and Fit On Your Terms


Discover how good it feels to move your body consistently

If you struggle with regular physical activity …

  • Feel stuck or ambivalent
  • Been sedentary for long periods
  • Out of shape, weak or poor level of fitness
  • Struggle to move much at all
  • Are easily winded and breathless
  • Have low energy, poor stamina or tiredness
  • Have lots of aches, pains or stiffness
  • Concerned about past or possible injury
  • Are undisciplined, unmotivated or resistant
  • Not able or willing to make the time
  • Uncomfortable being seen in a gym or pool
  • Find exercise boring, unpleasant or a chore
  • Don’t know how to start exercising or increase results
  • Have a history of starting and quitting

If you find it hard to get back into an exercise routine…

  • Been quarantined at home
  • Got derailed by sickness, travel or the holidays
  • Lost your motivation or interest
  • Had a change in seasons, impacting your activity options
  • Got injured and needing to recover and regain your strength
  • Moved and don’t have a new routine yet

Exercise Counseling & Fitness Coaching Support:

Getting and staying active as a way of living doesn’t have to be a struggle, although it can have its challenges. The hardest part is being consistent or being derailed and having to start up again.

The trick is creating options and strategies that work for you and are self-motivating, so you can enjoy being active and staying fit.

Exercise counseling works to resolve sabotaging issues. Fitness coaching provides the education, guidance and support to create and maintain a fit and active lifestyle. Combined, you will gain self-awareness of what feels and works best, understand your sabotaging behaviors, develop personalized strategies, and naturally gravitate to more activity by choice rather than by force.

Get the guidance and support you need to:

  • Learn which fitness style and types of exercise you enjoy
  • Start off easy to address your own situation and needs
  • Create strategies for making time and being a priority
  • Set your own pace that feels good and energizing
  • Get knowledgeable on ways to exercise and progress safely
  • Achieve continual success week-to-week and year-to-year
  • Become self-motivated and self-accountable
  • Be able and want to do more strenuous activities
  • Easily exercise regularly as a way of living
  • Know how to develop improvement strategies
  • Get back on track after a derailment
  • Discover how much you enjoy being active


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“This fitness approach works on both the head and the heart, helping you to change your behaviors in a way that makes sense, accommodates your needs, and empowers you. Anyone can provide fitness information, but she has lived the struggles, she knows what she is talking about, and you know she has a very real understanding of how you feel. It is the practical, real world application of that knowledge that makes this program successful.”
– Dr Paul Fowler

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