Alice Greene


3-Session Coaching for
Excess Eating, Emotional Eating, Over Drinking,
Inactivity & Exercise Derailment


Control Excess Eating (or drinking) at Home

If you have found yourself over snacking or over eating during this quarantine, you aren’t alone. You may also be turning to alcohol, soda or coffee more than usual.

There are many different reasons you could be doing this. Most obvious is emotional suppression, lack of structure and easy access to food and beverages all day long. There can be other reasons as well, that aren’t so obvious and more specific to your relationship or history with food (or beverages). Address this before it becomes a new habit that is hard to stop when the quarantine ends.

Get assistance to…
~ Identify what’s really driving your excess eating or drinking*
~ Develop easy strategies for your own situation
~ Get accountability to use your strategies and feel successful

3-Session Coaching Package

This isn’t about creating a diet, being highly restrictive or being good. That paradigm sets you up to fail.

Instead, this is about having simple strategies in your day that assist you in eating and drinking less without changing your whole diet or making you track everything you ingest. When you understand what’s driving your behavior without judging it, you’ll discover easy ways to address doing what suits your personality, situation and challenges. Everyone is different, which is why coaching works.

Successful change in your behavior occurs when you are making choices that are relatively easy, supported by strategies you helped create, and feels good to do and stick with. Then you’ll enjoy the changes, feel good about them and stick with them long-term.

Additional sessions are available as needed for issues that are chronic and not new to the quarantine period.

* Note, I don’t work with alcoholic drinking issues and can’t support those with that issue

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Resume Activity or Your Exercise Routine

If you haven’t wanted or been able to exercise during the quarantine, you may be feeling lethargic or struggling to get yourself back on track.

Getting back into your routine or starting to be active can seem too challenging to even start. You may find yourself putting off getting started or resisting your former routine. It may seem too daunting, and it may not make sense as to why it’s so difficult. Or you may find you get motivated and jump into it, trying to reach a goal you’ve set for yourself and struggling with it or worse, getting injured. And then judging yourself, believing you should be able to do what you set as your goal or what you were doing before.

There is a better way, and it takes rethinking how to reengage that feels successful and sustaining. Don’t avoid being active or try to meet what turns out to be an unrealistic goal (such as jumping back into your same routine). Both will set you up for disappointment and further demotivate your efforts, setting you back for months.

Get assistance to…
~ Recognize what’s really keeping you from trying to do some exercise
~ Develop strategies to successfully regain your strength and stamina
~ Get accountability to rebuild your fitness levels and stay motivated

3-Session Coaching Package

Additional sessions are available as needed for new exercisers and sustained motivation support.


Schedule a Free 45 minute Consultation Call
to learn more, get some help and see if this is right for you.



“Before I worked with Alice, I was in a quarantine rut. I spent my days and nights eating comfort food and couldn’t get motivated to exercise. I watched the pounds pile on but couldn’t seem to find a way to stop it. I started working with Alice, and it was so quick, easy, and simple for me to get back on track.

Instead of another diet or exercise program that pushed me to be something I am not, Alice helped me find the healthier side of me in just a few sessions. She showed me a new way of thinking about food, wine and being active that fits my lifestyle, interests, and goals. We also found a way to keep my favorite foods!

She made it all so easy, and her positive, motivating personality really helped me kick my life back into gear – even while in lockdown. Now I feel like I’m moving in a great direction. I highly recommend Alice. She has a unique approach that really worked for me.”
– Beverly Crawford-Westre

“I thought I was handling the Covid quarantine fairly well, until I realized I was doing a lot of overeating, turning to sweets, watching too much TV, not moving enough, not sleeping well, and dealing with a level of anxiety that I couldn’t shake. I’m so glad I contacted Alice Greene! I needed a way to get back to what I was doing before all this started, and working with Alice was the best thing I could have done.

Immediately, from our first conversation, I was able to start tapping back into my healthier habits. During our sessions, I learned more about what works for me to stay active, make choices that feel better, and manage the emotional ups and downs of this stressful time. With her coaching, I found it all amazingly easy and enjoyable. In just a few sessions, I was eating well, walking daily, getting a good night’s sleep, and feeling really good, and it wasn’t hard at all. I now have insights about myself and strategies that will help me stay on track. I learned a lot that is so helpful, and I feel like myself again – back in control, energized and healthy.”
– Barbara Swartz

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