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Video 3: Wanting Healthier Foods & Eating Normally

This is the last video in this program.

You Can Know What to Do & Still Be Unable to Do This For Yourself

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So You Can Eat Normally & Feel Great Every Day

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After watching these videos, you have probably already made changes in the way you eat and are making healthier choices, yet it isn’t easy to do this day in and day out. Staying aware, remembering what is really driving your choices and having access to healthy food takes practice, support and sometimes individual guidance.

If you love what you have learned and already see positive changes in your diet and in the way you feel, don’t let it slip away. It takes continued practice, on-going support and specific techniques to make eating normally a way of living.

If you are ready to put your struggle with food behind you and finally be able to eat without anxiety or feeling badly about yourself, then join me on a monthly basis for the support and guidance you need to eat well and enjoy your food every day.

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Each month, you will get:

  • More tips for overcoming your eating challenges
  • Simple strategies for common food situations
  • The keys for staying in control every day
  • Techniques for putting what you learn into daily practice
  • Resources to help you reach your goals
  • Additional support for making healthy food choices

Get the help you need to finally feel confident and in control when you eat.

Plus you will receive a bonus gift from me for signing up!

In Diet-Free Living, you will learn the secrets to successfully go from being on a diet to eating normally, and how to avoid the common mistakes former dieters make when trying to make healthy choices on their own.

Diet-Free Living includes an audio recording from one of my popular talks & a short guidebook.

  • How to End the Diet Mentality – audio recording
  • Eating Well without Dieting Guilt – short guidebook

Join Others Who Now Eat Normally
”Alice, Thank you! You have provided me with a simple way to enjoy eating healthier foods without having to give up what I love. I now easily stop eating before I get full and am more satisfied with each meal.” – Shann Vander Leek

”I no longer eat with anxiety. I’ve struggled with food for years and felt hopeless. Now I eat what I want in balance, without overeating or having cravings and obsessions. This is an amazing program that is giving me freedom.” – Debbie Smith

”This program was just what I was looking for, and it was surprisingly simple and easy to do. It gave me the confidence that I can eat with control without depriving myself. Now food and meals are no longer an issue for me.” – Chris Dwyer

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