Alice Greene
Eating, Drinking, Exercise &
Self-Care Coach

15-year health, fitness and
weight loss success story

Inspired to Feel Good

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No longer think of eating or exercise as a chore or as a problem.

Learn how to think, eat and exercise in a way that feels good and natural, so it is no longer a burden or issue in your life. Instead make it a great part of your day you look forward to. Discover how good it feels to enjoy eating satisfying healthy foods and being active and fit.

Become inspired by a success-based approach to health and fitness that isn’t a struggle but a welcome choice. You will love the way you feel, think and look.


  • 3 simple steps that will change your emotional and mental mindset.
  • A step-by-step coaching program to get started, stay motivated and achieve success.
  • Easy guidelines to selecting healthier foods and regular activity out of choice and feeling good, instead of compliance and feeling obligated to measure up.


This book is changing the way people get fit and healthy, and it works!

“Inspired to Feel Good offers a practical and enjoyable approach to healthy eating and regular exercise” – Michelle May, MD

“Alice Greene shares her wise and welcome formula for helping you change the way you eat and exercise by helping you change the way you think and feel. Inspired to Feel Good is a gift” – Keith Ablow, MD

“Alice provides a whole new way to think and feel about eating, being active and improving your personal health.” – Nick Yphantides, MD

“Alice has brilliantly identified three simple steps to change how you approach your food and fitness that gives you the confidence and control to enjoy your life and feel good about yourself.” – Diana Lipson-Burge, RD

“Inspired to Feel Good succeeds where too many diet and exercise books fail — in supporting lasting, real-life change even in the face of real-life challenges.” – Pilar Gerasimo, Editor in Chief, Experience Life magazine

“Alice offers wisdom about how to eat and exercise in this powerful and common sense book that will help you succeed at reaching your health, fitness and weight loss goals.” – Marcia Wieder, CEO Dream University®

“Alice’s book Inspired to Feel Good shows you how to find that inner motivation and drive so you will take care of your greatest asset… YOU! This book makes it possible for everyone to succeed at living a healthier lifestyle.” – John Rowley, fitness trainer and author

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