Alice Greene
Eating, Drinking, Exercise &
Self-Care Coach

15-year health, fitness and
weight loss success story


Start Your Own Healthy Lifestyle Support Group


Self Guided Groups with the book Inspired To Feel Good

Start a group of your own with your friends and family to support one another in taking action and making lasting lifestyle changes.

Steps to Start a Group

  • Select a focus for the group
  • Determine who to invite
  • Commit to weekly sessions
  • Determine if sessions in person or by phone


Facilitation Guideline Overview

  • Establish session formatmgd_btn
  • Facilitation and group etiquette
    — confidentiality is necessary
    — equal time for each person
    — stay on topic and focused
    — eliminate judgment and criticism
    — acknowledge what is said
    — encourage honesty
    — avoid being the expert
    — ask questions with “how” or “what”
    — talk for yourself
    — offer accountability through incentives
  • Facilitation ownership



I wish you all great success together!