Alice Greene
Eating, Drinking, Exercise &
Self-Care Coach

15-year health, fitness and
weight loss success story

Achieve Healthy Weight Loss & Body Image

Finally feel good about your body and yourself

If you are struggling with your weight or body image because…

  • You just can’t lose it fast enough and can’t control the ups and downs
  • No matter how much you diet, you can’t seem to keep the weight off
  • You believe your weight indicates when you are good or bad
  • You believe there is only one right weight you should be
  • You get on the scale at least once a day or more
  • Your family was always obsessed with the scale or how you looked
  • You were never good enough for being you or you never felt wanted
  • Your self-worth is tied to your weight or physical abilities
  • You feel judged because of your weight or your body type
  • You think your body is flawed and imperfect
  • You have hated your body for many years
  • Someone made a comment about your body that affected you
  • You’ve been hiding your body to avoid humiliation or attention

Body Image Counseling & Weight Management Coaching:

You are not your weight and your weight does not determine your worth. Losing weight doesn’t change your life. Even those who are very slim struggle with self-esteem issues and worry constantly about their weight.

Learn how to be free of the obsession about how much you weigh through my 3-step coaching process that helps you gain self-confidence, an understanding of subconscious beliefs and emotions around weight, a renewed focus on health and fitness that leads to natural weight loss, and strategies for dealing with the scale and healthier behaviors.

Body image counseling works to resolve how you feel about your body and weight management coaching provides the education, guidance and support to create and maintain an active healthy lifestyle that leads to sustainable healthy weight loss.

Get the guidance and support you need to:

  • Stop feeling obsessed and driven by the scale
  • Address the real reason you are focused on your weight
  • Learn what it really takes to successfully maintain weight loss
  • Develop a lifestyle that leads to healthy weight loss success
  • Focus on fueling your metabolism instead of starving it
  • Understand metabolism and how to successfully lose fat
  • Change the way you think about your body and your weight
  • Address self-criticism and the fear of being judged or unwanted
  • Reclaim your worth and change the way you think about yourself
  • Love your body so you can maintain a healthy weight
  • Develop a healthy body-image and perspective
  • Increase self-confidence and self-esteem

RESOURCES & PROGRAMS to Support Your Goals

Gearing up to Change
Introductory Session: contact me to schedule a free session
Resources: books and audio programs

Getting Started & On Track
Coach counseling: private or group options

Staying on Track
Resources: books and audio programs
Bi-monthly or monthly private coaching (for continued support)

Getting Back on Track
Refresher private session

“Who could imagine that something as simple as changing one’s mindset could have such a profound impact? I used to think I was weak and had no willpower; now I feel truly empowered to make choices that work for me. I’ve re-discovered how much I like cooking, and experimenting with healthy foods. And I’m more active (and more consistent) than I’ve been in months. Rather than focusing on losing weight, I’ve been focused on living better, and that’s really made a big difference in the quality of my life. It’s pretty exciting.”
– Maureen Willey

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